Monday, 11 September 2017


Hook: Don't you find it annoying when the power goes out?

Scenario: 1
Like  after a long day at school, I sit down down and turn the Tv on and relax and then suddenly BANG ! Out goes the power dam, it it was coming to the good part. Has that ever happened to you?

Scenario: 2
Umm what am I going to do know talk to people that's so old fashion.  I would way rather be watching Tv and texting my
Friends and I'm sure you would too.

Scenario: 3
We all have to admit tho Netflix, YouTube and Tv is life and I'm sure we could not live without it and that's the truth.

Scenario: 4
I mean going outside once and awhile can't be that bad right? But I think I will just stick to staying inside and watching Tv thanks.

Scenario: 5
My parents say that having your head stuck into a screen is bad. And  that you need to go outside and get some fresh air.But
it can't be too  bad us having our heads stuck into and screen right ?

Scenario: 6
 Imagine in the old days when  Tv YouTube and Netflix weren't around they just had to play 24/7 imagine that man it would be tough  uh it just gives me chills thinking about it

Scenario: 7
 In my house when the power goes we light a candle and play some cards I'm not a huge fan of cards so while there playing and saying ZOE! It's your turn hurry up.I'm just looking the room to see if I can find some reception
Dam no reception I guess I will just have to play cards for the rest of the night (sigh) oh and did I mention my family is really competitive when it comes to cards

Scenario: 8
After we have played cards for about an hour which felt like a lifetime, we all head to bed. I try turning my light on but nothing happens, just a small flicker of light comes out but then fades away  quickly. I wrap myself up in bed, burrr it's cold in my room. I grab a few other blankets still shivering. But then SUDDENLY, I FEEL A  THUD! on my bed I scream my HEAD OFF



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